Celebrating Dietary Graduates

Date: Tuesday, June 30th, 2020

Time: 9:40 pm

The Dietary Department celebrated 6 graduates this year!
Takayra Austin, Aland Belcard, Steven Blake, Levi Zaccaria and Nerlande Joseph, graduated from various high schools and are pursing higher education.

Jennifer Teoyotl gained her Associates Degree in Criminal Justice. We are so proud of these Dietary Aides for persevering and showing up as essential personnel during this pandemic.

The Class of 2020 t-shirts were purchased from Daydreamerclothing.com owned and operated by Tyrese Lewis, a fellow Dietary Aide and college student. Mr. Wilson Food Service Director, Ms. Anthony-Dietitian and Marcella Lawson – Executive Chef were honored to share words of encouragement while they all enjoyed cake and ice cream.

We wish them all the very best!